Top Ketogenic Foods and Products Essential For FAST Weight loss: Transform your body into a FAT burning machine!!

The Honest Truth                                                         

When we hear the word “Diet”  we are instantly thrown into a bottomless pit of thoughts such as ” I have to eat more salad” or “I can no longer eat that or I will break my diet.’ In reality, this only makes us crave those foods more and neglect what we set our minds to at the start of the diet and propels us back all the way to square one! We find ourselves chasing our tails and never end up anywhere. But with the Ketogenic Diet, many of the foods we already enjoy are allowed to be consumed daily. You just have to know the right foods to consume as well as some information about your weekly activities to bring you one step closer to becoming a Fat burning machine!

How the Ketogenic Diet works

We all are brought up to learn that foods high in fat are bad for your overall health and well being. We are guided to believe that saturated fat causes all sorts of health issues including high cholesterol and heart failure. If I told you the the Ketogenic diet,  which is high in saturated fat, can transform your body into its full potential by virtually melting your fat stores and include many other health benefits you would think I am crazy, but just pay attention to how it works.

Our body needs to energy to fulfill the tasks we do daily such as getting up to for that commute to work, or taking that nice brisk jog around the track. What ever it is we do, we need energy to do these things and how we do that is by consuming food. Now food is broken up into three main macro nutrients that is essentially present in every food group. Protein, Fat, and a Carbs. Now I want to focus specifically on Carbs. Our body uses this macro nutrient for energy and is found in many foods we love such as Bread, Beans, Rice, and Pasta just to name a few. But with that being said this macro nutrient is a blessing and a curse. We consume a lot of those foods mentioned daily and it is present in many of our meals throughout the day. You may think the more carbs I eat the more energy I have right? Wrong! In fact, if we consume more carbs than what our body needs, those carbs turn directly into fat stores! That’s where the love handles and the back fat comes from! There is too much energy that our body doesn’t need so it stores it as fat that we have to work off to deplete the excess energy. That’s where the workout plans come in which in many cases will be hard for us to stick to and makes the process long difficult to maintain.

But there is hope, while on the Keto diet we are to have very low carbs which basically limits the amount of intake of food items such as bread and rice and switch our body to a new energy source, Fat itself. By depleting our body of  the carbs levels we had before the diet  our body will constantly search for a new energy source. By consuming high levels of saturated fat our body will now produce “Ketones” which now takes fat from the food we eat and and converts that into energy whicj we will now expend. Our macros we consume with our calories should be broken down like this

==>70% Fat  25% Protein  5% Carbs

By following this percentage of macros for our calorie intake, this will send our body straight into ketosis and uses the fat we consumed as energy. That also goes for the fat that is located all around our body! So that extra belly fat that we can’t get rid of or those love handles that hang over our belt line will melt off of our bodies and be used as energy during our activities.

Benefits of the Ketogenic diet

Now with any diet you will lose weight. Any diet will get you closer to your fitness goals. but with the Keto diet, you will lose weight fast and I mean FAST! The rapid weight loss happens while your are in ketosis, which is the process of the body using fat as an energy source which makes your body fat a constant target to be depleted. Not only will you lose body fat rather quickly, you will also be more alert , your mind will be free of clutter, and you will feel less tired throughout all the hardships daily tasks throw at you! It has also been proven when done right, that your cholesterol levels (if elevated) will decrease over time to normal levels which lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Time to eat!

Now there are many foods that are allowed during the ketogentic diet that we already eat. Here are the 10 foods used in the Keto diet

  • Avocados- High in fat and very low net carb intake
  • Bacon- very delicious and has a high amount of fat per serving
  • Various protein such as chicken, beef. pork- great as a main dish with very high fat intake per serving
  • MCT oil/Coconut oil – can be used to cook various meats for extra fat content
  • Olive oil- used as a yummy dressing on salad as well as a cooking additive
  • Cream cheese- can be used in various meals for extra fat content, taste and texture
  • Shredded cheese- great for texture and has a high fat content per serving
  • Eggs  (any way prepared) – great way to obtain your daily fat goals early in the morning
  • Sour cream- great topical item as well as a blended additive for various recipes
  • Butter- can be used in any meal for added taste or creamy texture


See! these are all yummy foods we probably already enjoy but we just have to know how to utilize them to our advantage for the fat burning benefits of the Keto diet. Now remember these foods must be used correctly and in moderation to fit into the keto diet. You must know your weekly exercise rate as well as maintaining a caloric deficit to maximize your new found fat burning ability!